Blog #1350

Seven years later. Periodically, I poke my head out of the ground and look around. Followers come and go with the shifting winds of interest. Thanks to longtime readers, welcome to new kids on the blog. I have a difficult time believing that I’ve posted so many blog entries. This has been my salvation through … More Blog #1350

Tom Cruise: Maverick

Robert Redford uses the term “popcorn movie” to describe films intended principally as big, blockbuster entertainment. The term definitely describes Top Gun: Maverick and most of Cruise’s recent filmography. The original Top Gun made a superstar of Cruise. A two-hour MTV, Navy recruitment music video, equal parts adrenaline and jet fuel, and a precursor to … More Tom Cruise: Maverick

CSI, the Original and the Reboot (My Review)

Nothing is truly gone. After 15 seasons and 337 episodes, multiple awards and cast changes, and three spinoff series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is back as CSI: Vegas. What’s old is new again. I watched the original for about first five seasons. The science and great visual look was exciting and pulled the viewer into … More CSI, the Original and the Reboot (My Review)

John “Don’t Call Me Cougar” Mellencamp: Strictly a One-Eyed Jack (Review)

Seventy-year old John Mellencamp is still ticking and kicking. He’s usually in the news about who he is dating rather than his music, but he still has a loyal legion of fans. Cougar was a nickname he hated, a marketing decision to bypass using his last name, which didn’t sound like a pop star. John … More John “Don’t Call Me Cougar” Mellencamp: Strictly a One-Eyed Jack (Review)