Battle Creek (2015)

Recognize the guy from the All State Insurance commercials, the “Mayhem” guy? Dean Winters is his name, a working actor in many television shows. Winter played the co-lead in this one hour comedy-drama that debuted in 2015. Battle Creek lasted all of 13 episodes before being buried in the failed TV show graveyard. The show … More Battle Creek (2015)

Sky Dancing

Not so easy, dancing atop the sky Skillful but with daring disregard Caution swirls away in the wind Flying brazenly with no lifeguard Revealing brazen aerial moves From the ground thrilling views Clouds of cotton candy swirls The heavens imprinted with tattos Awash in sunlit water droplets Bareback upon a double rainbow Sailing past dreams … More Sky Dancing

True Crime

Stories of real crimes can be exciting reading and viewing. Often however, it is incredibly sad and horrific. The first time I saw the movie In Cold Blood, it terrified me. I stopped watching films like that again.  The subject matter does not have to be graphic to be jarring and upsetting; knowing the crime … More True Crime

Lean Into It

Her embrace sent shivers Lasting what felt like infinity He leaned into her warmth Inside experiencing insanity What had been sleeping awoke Her scent engulfed his senses His tightening grip held her close Moments eroded his defenses There was fervor in her eyes Locking onto her mesmerizing gaze Turning away was no option Years of … More Lean Into It