On the Rocks (2021)

Trust. Communication. Bill Murray. Laura and Dean are a married couple struggling with life – professional, personal and family. The film begins with their romantic wedding and immediately shifts to a scene a few years later that shows how challenging it is to maintain that hot passion. Their lives are busy with young kids, a … More On the Rocks (2021)

It’s Never Too Late

Moments are hopeful, wishful. Time is a demon, independent-minded. Not doddering, but cagey. Memory blinded. Inventing reassuring stories. Lost in our own shadow. Gray, ghostly sunsets. Missing flavors of the rainbow. Keeping ourselves at arm’s length. Leaning on a crutch of a dream. Safely for any tomorrow. Circling on the Gulf Stream. What is gone, … More It’s Never Too Late

For the Asking

Searching, what do I give to you? Days, I pondered and debated Showing, we are a blended two Perfect, not too little or overstated — Learning, the rhythm takes time Imperfect, a misstep and unforced error Knowing, we won’t always rhyme Retiring, the wayward wayfarer — Asking, my unabashed story Searching, for magic lasting years … More For the Asking

The World at War (1973)

The world of documentary filmmaking has changed since the debut of this 26-part television series. I mention this upfront because of how history is now presented through recreation, actors, animation, point-of-view, CGI and other film techniques can, and does, change the viewer’s perception of historical events and the emotional connection to the story as depicted. … More The World at War (1973)

Bob James: Taxi

You know the theme music from the 1970s television series, Taxi. Jazz composer Bob James wrote the theme (“Angela”) and a few other tracks that appeared on the series, he released those along with some other tracks on an album called The Genie: Themes & Variations from the TV Series Taxi (1983). James has released … More Bob James: Taxi

News of My Retirement Is Almost Not True: Sir Michael Caine

Recently, reports attributed to Sir Michael Caine indicated that he had performed his last acting role in 2021’s Best Sellers. Not so fast, Caine now says. The problem he said is the lack of decent parts for a man in his 80s. Acknowledging some health issues, parts are harder to come by. Fellow actors Gene … More News of My Retirement Is Almost Not True: Sir Michael Caine

Heavy Rotation

This spinning orb glues us down Planted on this habitat we call home In moonlight, tides rock back and forth Overcrowded, yet hunter/gatherers we roam — Invisible forces, magnetic pulses Trusting what cannot be seen Billions of stars alone in space More perfect than any machine — The human heart is the only true power … More Heavy Rotation