Big League Chew

Stepping up to the plate. As kids, we cannot wait to take our turn. We salivate to be older, to experience what our sisters and brothers enjoy. We are not concerned about abandoning the confines of our childhood because there is adventure waiting. Eventually, we join the work world. Without much real world experience, we … More Big League Chew

Try to Be 20

Unless you are 20 years old, it doesn’t work. It can’t work.  The banana can never be green again. Twenty is not a cultural touchstone.  It is the epicenter of only that universe.  Twenty is when kids are figuring it out.  Youthful appearance and attitude are cultural currency for that generation, but not tender as … More Try to Be 20

Summer of ’75

Everyone has a favorite summer. Mine was 1975. The three months between high school and college were exciting ones; certainly for anyone getting ready for that next big step in their lives. In 1975, war was over, Nixon was gone, and the biggest threat to American freedom was disco. A few other world events: Spanish … More Summer of ’75

Sports Memories

I have some great sports memories. They don’t define my life but they are intertwined with moments or events that I value.  I watch sports, but as I get older, it occupies an increasingly smaller part of my life.  Sports is too much a business; even amateur sports have that corporate vibe to it. I … More Sports Memories

The Five and Dime

If you are of a certain you remember going to five and dime stores.  This was before Wal-Mart and the death of the small town downtown, five and dime variety stores were on every Main Street in America. Woolworth, Duckwalls, Newberry’s Kress, Ben Franklin and many other stores sold inexpensive housewares, kitchen supplies, candies and … More The Five and Dime

Age Appropriate

Age may often be referred to as a state of mind, but age does play a role in what we do, and maybe what we shouldn’t do, or at least what others think is age appropriate. I wear my hair a little longer than someone my age. I like that fact that I still have … More Age Appropriate