In the prologue the heavens parted

Ejecting me on my noggin

Like an egg, my memory cracked open

Where should I begin?

Chapter one was my first appearance

The golden fifties not so nifty

My shadow hid from the sun

Chance of success only fifty-fifty

Chapter two, the world is a zoo

Drones trained to live in cages

Unchained by the power to think

Inside, my imagination rages

Chapter three, light fades into darkness

Morning is electric, the fuel of dreams

A young spirit ponders adult issues

The 1960s world goes to extremes

Chapter four, on the inside looking out

Or outside, always wondering why

The seventies widened my worldview

I saw the future in my mind’s eye

Chapter five, the 20s we feel alive

No limits, only blue sky

Mistakes are more easily erased

I get the feel of a jacket and tie

Chapter six, fast track, no looking back

Greed is our god, the bellwether

Success, life on high octane

A bachelor without a tether

Chapter seven, to the summit

Realities and self-awareness abound

Middle years are a surprise arrival

Buried head, forgot to look around

Chapter eight, I’m late I’m late

Gravity, no friend of mine

Shoes of lead, some dreams are dead

I’m the end of my bloodline

Chapter nine, endless whining

I no longer resemble my younger self

Wives come and go, years won’t slow

The world spins, as I set on the shelf

Chapter ten, notions of what could have been

The river seems to get much wider

I’ve been to the other shore, looking for more

No longer a fastballer, just an off speed slider

Chapter eleven, shorter walk to heaven

There’s gold in them there years

Smartly mining them with each sunrise

Finally staring down those fears

Slowly approaching the epilogue

Walking hand in hand if she’ll have me

There’s still a world to explore

Forever, together we shall be

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