Athletes Who Became Actors + Joe Namath

Instead of acting classes and schools, wannabe actors have transitioned from the world of athletics. Buster Crabbe (Olympic swimmer) Johnny Weissmuller (Olympic swimmer), Sonja Henie (Olympic skater), Woody Strode (football, martial arts) and Esther Williams (swimming) come to mind from Hollywood’s Golden Era. Catch them on the late show. Then came Chuck Connors (baseball, basketball), … More Athletes Who Became Actors + Joe Namath

Cashing In

Now that I’m retired, I have started looking around for ways to earn some extra money. Although with my pension there are a few restrictions, but no limitations for good taste, greed or morality. That gives me a lot of options! I thought about getting into the product endorsement game. Maybe being a hand model … More Cashing In