The Directors: Mervyn LeRoy & George Cukor

Mervyn LeRoy and George Cukor are two of the pillars of the Hollywood Studio system. Both had long careers and worked well within the confines of the movie-making during the golden days of the studios.  Both worked with the greatest actors and were assigned the studios’ best scripts. Below, George Cukor with Katherine Hepburn; Mervyn … More The Directors: Mervyn LeRoy & George Cukor

Ida Lupino: Pioneer

If you grew up in the 1960s or 1970s you probably remember Ida Lupino as a television and sometimes film actress. Perhaps you did not know that in the late 1940s she began a successful career as a writer/producer/director in both television and films. She was one of the first female directors and had her … More Ida Lupino: Pioneer