Klute (1971)

“For an hour I’m the best actress in the world and the best fuck in the world,” says Bree to her analyst. Klute is the kind of film that could be made today, but it would be ruined. Filmmakers had a very narrow window in 1971 to make daring but entertaining films. The more commercialization, … More Klute (1971)

Jane Fonda

Love her or hate hate. There are people on both ends. She is an academy award winning actress and fitness trailblazer, and also Hanoi Jane. Fonda will never live down her trip to Hanoi in 1972, where she posed with an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down American planes. She also made media statements critical … More Jane Fonda

Fonda and Redford

Thirty-eight years after last working together, they are together again in a Netflix produced film called Our Souls at Night. This is the fourth pairing and long overdue. This film did not generate much publicity, stars in their seventies and eighties usually do not, but there were not two hotter stars in the 1970s than … More Fonda and Redford