Spirit (the band)

Fifty years later, the band still sounds great. Spirit has been in news in recent years related to a plagiarism lawsuit against Led Zeppelin over parts of “Stairway to Heaven”. I am not going to get into that, my focus will be on the classic period of the band. Randy California (real name Randy Wolfe), … More Spirit (the band)

Led Zeppelin’s Best

This is a toss-up. Led Zeppelin II or Physical Graffiti. These are two very different albums. One, a bluesy guitar feast, the other, a keyboard + guitar dream.  Shocking, Led Zeppelin IV is not in contention. What?  Yes, seriously.  It’s a great album, and the songs are memorable, we all owned a copy (over 23 … More Led Zeppelin’s Best

The Song Remains the Same: Peter Frampton

When you open a time capsule from the 20th Century, among the item you’ll find is Frampton Comes Alive. Nothing says the 1970s like Peter Frampton. Frampton is on his extensive “Finale – The Farewell Tour,” a mixture of nostalgia and celebration. The reason for the farewell tour is his inflammatory muscle disease called  Inclusion-Body … More The Song Remains the Same: Peter Frampton

Led Zeppelin Revisited

I’m not actually revisiting, just visiting their career, 38 years after the original lineup ceased to exist. Who would have thought in the 1970s that a heavy rock group would be so mainstream decades later. Cultural icons. The band members even received a Kennedy Honor salute. How’s that for becoming your grandfather’s rock band? In … More Led Zeppelin Revisited