Athletes Who Became Actors + Joe Namath

Instead of acting classes and schools, wannabe actors have transitioned from the world of athletics. Buster Crabbe (Olympic swimmer) Johnny Weissmuller (Olympic swimmer), Sonja Henie (Olympic skater), Woody Strode (football, martial arts) and Esther Williams (swimming) come to mind from Hollywood’s Golden Era. Catch them on the late show. Then came Chuck Connors (baseball, basketball), … More Athletes Who Became Actors + Joe Namath

Ron Shelton: The Church of Baseball (book review)

Arguably, the best sports films were directed by Ron Shelton. He is to sports films what Oliver Stone is to conspiracy thrillers and Quentin Tarantino is to gritty psychological thrillers. Shelton directed other non-sports films, crossing over into the weirdness of Stone/Tarantino. And yet, Shelton says that baseball is only secondary to Bull Durham. “It’s … More Ron Shelton: The Church of Baseball (book review)

Licorice Pizza (2021)

The trailer looked so clever and hip. The actual film – not so much. The trailer may have literally consisted of the best bits. Critics loved it (93% Rotten Tomatoes), audiences less so (63%), but still a lot of positive reaction. The film is chocked full of cameos and inside Hollywood jokes. The Jon Peters … More Licorice Pizza (2021)

Film Titles: Classics

I am a fan of film credits/opening sequences. In film history, they served to give the audience information and set the story, often in a very creative way. Three of my favorite opening sequence designers are Saul Bass (Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger), Maurice Binder (James Bond) and Pablo Ferro (Stanley Kubrick, Steve McQueen). Film title … More Film Titles: Classics

Good Guy/Bad Guy

Some of the best stories are of a flawed protagonist who exhibits complexity of personality and reveals himself (or herself) to have a pivotal moment(s) where their character undergoes an unexpected action, yet they remain true to their basic moral fabric. What this is not: a fairytale moment of metamorphosis of The Grinch suddenly growing … More Good Guy/Bad Guy