Bob Seger: Night Moves or Stranger in Town?

The best Bob Seger studio album: Night Moves or Stranger in Town?  Some of you might be thinking, Against the Wind (1980).  That’s a fine album too with several charting singles.  Some folks mention Live Bullet, the album released right before Night Moves and that stayed on the charts during the success of Night Moves, to … More Bob Seger: Night Moves or Stranger in Town?

Night Moves (1975)

Gene Hackman rarely has a misstep, well, this is not one of them. This is a terrific film, it’s dark and messy, and the ending is disappointing. It’s a 70s thing. Being a private detective in Los Angeles in the early 70s wasn’t easy, but it was scenic. Jim Rockford lived at the beach in … More Night Moves (1975)