The Goodbye Man

Sail on sailor, overflowing the novel A hapless protagonist leaps from the story Bounding over words like a spawning salmon Jumping over metaphors, grabbing an allegory   Closing his story and fading into slumber Not for long, he emerges from a feverish dream A rascal, bolting from one misadventure to another Disappearing in a heartbeat … More The Goodbye Man

Double Stars

I never sought to be a star There’s only room in the heavens for one That would be you I’m more a mellow, evening sun The sky is the limit, but it’s not Kids are fooled with a passing satellite But I know what is reflection And what fills my eyes with your starlight Not … More Double Stars


Hotter than a rocket’s tail Sweeter than a child’s kiss Exploding colors like springtime Close your eyes, feel the bliss The heart plunges like a roller coaster Spinning out like a race car More painful than the deepest cut Just one wish from a falling star Buckle up and hold tight the reins Keep the … More Moonbeams