The Morning

The sun awoke me as usual I miss the morning mist Rediscovering your scent Reveling in that first gentle kiss — Sounds of the ocean Stir my memory banks The happiest of times Even now, giving thanks — Images of us Frisky and unashamed Burns as an eternal flame Comforting me, now lamed — This … More The Morning

A Letter to You

You know who you are You twinkle more than the brightest star I’m smitten, I’m all thumbs Love me long after the morning comes Sail away as my soulmate Leaving soon, don’t be late

A Walk in the Park

His life is the next meal and walk We share the sidewalk, but he leads A deep conversation, but just my talk Off he goes, to the shrubs and weeds — I hold the leash, he’s really the teacher Through him, life is revealed Quiet reverence, the canine preacher My trivial problems are healed — … More A Walk in the Park

The Endless Enigma

I couldn’t know any better My ego was holstered Blinded, she was like-minded Suddenly, my confidence was bolstered — It was spring and I felt the zing My eyes spotted her shadow Sassy she was My face was flush, aglow — She dropped from a double rainbow I had imagined her before Misty-eyed, as the … More The Endless Enigma

The Translucent Man

Imagine a man, mostly Who I really don’t know Quiet as the emerging sunrise Disappearing into his shadow — Confession is difficult I promise not to flee Windows guard my soul Yet your eyes penetrate me — Virtually naked before you Not so many secrets Few dark tales Just a smattering of regrets — That … More The Translucent Man

Late Winter

The cold hangs tough, even after time springs forward The chill threatens to homestead deep within my marrow A few more robins will boost the morning chorus Songs for survivors, the margin for nature is narrow — In my dreams, I am sailing far away After an interlude of modeling beach swimwear There’s only Key … More Late Winter

When You Read My Mind

Surely, in another lifetimeThese hearts still rhyme You always read my mindTwo souls, the same kind Something you want to know?Transparency, see the showMy thoughts are an inviteStep inside the heart light Half past our idyllic embraceShyness gone without a traceYou know what I’m feelingYou and me, there’s no ceiling I can’t deny this head … More When You Read My Mind


Expiring and nearly extinct Tightly gripping yesterday Walking the outermost lane Silence to what you say — Cynicism settles over this tribe Your landline is obsolete Life as a one-armed cactus Dancing with two left feet — Marshaling retired gray matter Displaying the virtues boasted Flexing attitudes once resolute Retracting critiques posted — To strive … More Refurbished