I don’t have to look for changes, they have been blitzkrieging me for almost two years. Change and I are not friends, we do not like each other. Not all men hate change, but I’m scratching my head trying to think of an example who does not. That’s a generalization of sorts, but I still … More Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes


Can you spend time by yourself and be comfortable doing so? I can. These are my thoughts, experience and reading on the subject. There is a certain amount of misunderstanding and misperception on choosing to be alone at times. Each of us has our own threshold for human contact. The pandemic tested many people as … More Aloneness


Some words of advice.  As you get older, simplify.  We spend a lifetime accumulating, building, searching, making lists, collecting, worrying – and what does it all add up to? Imagine it all fits into a sack or a backpack; we haul it around, if not literally, we carrying in our subconscious.  We all want to … More Simplify