Conversations With Myself

Cornering myself for a talk
But you’re not listening
My lips move in the mirror’s reflection
Words float disappearing into space
Flying away in search of a connection

Overdue for an interaction
Each, virtually a wrestling match
Ignorance is a faulty mental crutch
Every moment seems a surprise
Our thoughts orbit but never touch

One of us majored in ego
Forever bragging about himself
Then people expect the same from me
Don’t speak for both of us
Let them accept what they see

Eyes misaligned like presidential politics
I can read the chapters in your stare
You fear getting comfortable in life’s margins
And are too energized to stay there
So wherever the needle drops, life begins

Let’s share our views for common ground
At the junction of doubt and apathy
You haven’t a clue what we should do
But a plan forms in my evil mind
Every bad idea winds up in the stew

I remember why we never share
Unable to lift this emotional baggage
An effort to just get out of my own way
Dreams fall apart, hope evaporates
But the silence is smooth like a Cabernet


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