Hot, Hot, Hot

Summer. Officially here. When the sun beats down, the grass dries out and the pavement will burn your soft feet. When the temperature climbs to 90 or more, and the air has enough humidity for you to notice, that’s a Midwest summer day. Heat, I can deal with.  Humidity, not so much.  My body reacts … More Hot, Hot, Hot

Sun Splashed Lover

I am a worshiper, your faithful sun king Impatient for winter to thaw into spring Loving your brilliant mornings and sunsets Moodiness wanes, I overlook any regrets Awash in glowing yellow-orange paradise I’m easy, your sun-showers readily entice I long for your solstice to be right here Expecting deep layers of cold to disappear Burning … More Sun Splashed Lover

I Believe in You

The sun curls beyond the horizon, the warmth splashes all around, like ripples washing over everything as far as the day reaches before it begins its withdrawal. Like a blind man feeling what he cannot see, tiny fingers reach inward bringing clarity and insight. There is purpose. There is belief. There is selflessness. The feet … More I Believe in You