Sun Splashed Lover

I am a worshiper, your faithful sun king

Impatient for winter to thaw into spring

Loving your brilliant mornings and sunsets

Moodiness wanes, I overlook any regrets

Awash in glowing yellow-orange paradise

I’m easy, your sun-showers readily entice

I long for your solstice to be right here

Expecting deep layers of cold to disappear

Burning off, evaporating like morning mist

Stretching skyward yearning to be kissed

Sad sunflowers perk up with growing curiosity

Greeting the heavens with rocketing velocity

Distresses melt loose, with growing viscosity

These joints and muscles drain their pain

My body moans but does not complain

Warmth dives deep, penetrating to my core

I count the seconds till you reach every pore

Packed up, destination known, anxious for a trip

Should I be, in an airplane, a train or cruise ship

I’ll find you anywhere, even cold, deep space

Summer is a memory fading, barely a trace

Daylight dimming as the cold again takes grip

We begin again, this winter dancing courtship

Visions of tropical breeze, kisses like ocean spray

Holding tight, embracing each fleeting solar ray


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