Dollars and Incense

Reconciliation is a zero-sum game Karma delivers the mail All prayers are filtered by God While you create the wind in the sail — Trading tomorrow for more todays Devalues the person you could become Always take the long way home Peace and love from your green thumb — Dreams strewn along lonely streets Waiting … More Dollars and Incense

Heavy Rotation

This spinning orb glues us down Planted on this habitat we call home In moonlight, tides rock back and forth Overcrowded, yet hunter/gatherers we roam — Invisible forces, magnetic pulses Trusting what cannot be seen Billions of stars alone in space More perfect than any machine — The human heart is the only true power … More Heavy Rotation

Darkness Retreats

There is no bottom beneath me Life is forlorn and fallow Light bends and is swallowed whole Twelve long months of shadow — Storm after storm pummels No safe harbor in sight Winds of misfortune howl Each day requires all my might — Drifting around the drain A hand reaches thru the riptide With the … More Darkness Retreats