Dollars and Incense

Reconciliation is a zero-sum game

Karma delivers the mail

All prayers are filtered by God

While you create the wind in the sail

Trading tomorrow for more todays

Devalues the person you could become

Always take the long way home

Peace and love from your green thumb

Dreams strewn along lonely streets

Waiting for night to recede

Abandoned, unable to monetize

Some will fly, refusing to concede

You ask why and I have no reply

I left the highway for the open road

Never looked in the rear view mirror

And got free of that heavy load

Making choices when the pavement divides

Trusting that quiver deep in my gut

Assures me this decision is right

Crucial journeys are absent a shortcut

Dismantle the Dream, spend the cash

Gamble the sunshine, sell the stars

Trade the rainbow, harvest the whales

No one survives to read your memoirs

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