The World at War (1973)

The world of documentary filmmaking has changed since the debut of this 26-part television series. I mention this upfront because of how history is now presented through recreation, actors, animation, point-of-view, CGI and other film techniques can, and does, change the viewer’s perception of historical events and the emotional connection to the story as depicted. … More The World at War (1973)

Audie Murphy

Medal of Honor recipient Audie Murphy led an incredible life. Decorated combat soldier and movie star. His gallantry and heroism during World War II made him the most decorated soldier of the war and later resulted in a film where he played himself. Murphy was just a kid, from a hard scrabble background, when he … More Audie Murphy

Black Sheep Squadron

Black Sheep Squadron had a great pedigree – a hot producer, major star, exciting historical premise and great young cast. The series still struggled for two seasons to find an audience before disappearing into television history.  Very loosely based on the story of squadron leader Greg “Pappy” Boyington, Black Sheep Squadron starred Robert Conrad, a … More Black Sheep Squadron


You learn a lot about living from stories where lives are on the line. Combat! was a weekly television series about a platoon in World War II. Not exactly kid viewing, but I watched the show every week. Yes, it was a show about war and there was killing, but it focused on the characters … More Combat!