Blog #700

Where has the time gone? Just yesterday I was asking for advice on how do this blog thing. Just write they said. So I did.

On June 4, 2015, this was my opening paragraph:

This is the first of many, or so I hope.  I don’t know where this will go, so if you board the blog, we will make this journey together.  I’ll have life preservers available if you decide to bail.  I’m not really a reader of many other blogs, but there are a few I enjoy and used as inspiration.

Last year (2019), I posted 381 entries, over half of what I’ve written in four and a half years.  I do not intend to match that output this year, but you never know.  I have come close to repeating myself a couple of times, but a quick search stopped me from that rabbit hole.

A colleague recently told me to not spend much time looking at the analytics, focus on what is important to you.  Study the audience later.

Moving forward, I might be changing the name of the blog to match a new domain name.  The subject matter will likely stay about the same, but it would be nice to actually get on some search engines for a change.

My purpose was never to change the world, only to entertain, share tidbits you might not have known, and maybe get you to think a little based on my scribbling.  If something did change, it was me, at least a little.

Stay tuned. Thanks for boarding this excursion.

In space, time is glacial
Even cold hearts throw-off heat
Circling the beginning of life
Enjoying the view from God’s seat

In space, a laugh is not heard
The quiet is truly unbearable
Just the voice in your head
Repeating your favorite parable

In space, there is no tomorrow
Today is one long day forever
You bought a ticket for eternity
Take the ride on this endeavor

4 thoughts on “Blog #700

  1. Congratulations on blog #700, Mike! They are always interesting, as well as entertaining, and I enjoy reading each one that you post. No life preserver needed here.


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