Blog #1,500

Damn, my fingers are tired from writing. I’ve been at this for almost eight years. My little blog,, has kept me out of trouble and out of a gang – specifically, the grumpy old men. Old, but irritated. Fifteen hundred blogs measured in snark is equal to a week of Kardashian Instagram postings. How … More Blog #1,500

Why I Write

People often ask me what I write about. That’s easy to answer. What they should ask is why I write. That’s where the gold is. I write because I’m curious. I’m curious to learn and curious to communicate. All writers have a desire to share a secret. The secret unfolds through words, written or spoken, … More Why I Write

Blog #1350

Seven years later. Periodically, I poke my head out of the ground and look around. Followers come and go with the shifting winds of interest. Thanks to longtime readers, welcome to new kids on the blog. I have a difficult time believing that I’ve posted so many blog entries. This has been my salvation through … More Blog #1350

Blog #1,250

What a journey over the past six years. Life has taken me in some odd directions, many peaks and valleys, discoveries and hard-earned lessons. Of course I’ve written about these twists and turns, dead-ends and expressways. When I hit 1,000 blogs, I thought that was a big deal. I’m surprised that I knew that many … More Blog #1,250

Understanding Beauty

Sometimes hidden to the naked eye The integrity of a soul does not lie The heart cannot decipher objectivity The brain is tangled up in subjectivity Society prescribes the value of a jewel Like a textbook lesson learned in school Our senses aligned to recognize perfection Meet the standard or accept rejection Radiance is a … More Understanding Beauty

Peaks and Valleys

Life seems full of peaks and valleys. Incalculable dips and rises, mostly navigable, but often unexpected. [Disclaimer: I’m not a mental health professional, I just make witty and often obtuse observations for the internet.  This blog is not about having wild mood swings, which is something entirely different from this subject.  Exaggerated feelings, moods and … More Peaks and Valleys

1,000 blogs

One thousand blogs, in about five and a half years. I am a person of few words, I guess I glued them all together to publish so many blogs. I never dreamed of writing this much; early on, I nearly gave up. My mission statement for this blog was to take us on a ride. … More 1,000 blogs

Happy Anniversary

Five years ago, I signed up with WordPress for a free blog site. Today, they notified me of the anniversary. This is blog 827, which is my lucky number! Not really. Also today, coincidentally, I bought my own domain name. Early on, I thought about upgrading my plan, and figured a real domain number was … More Happy Anniversary

Blog #700

Where has the time gone? Just yesterday I was asking for advice on how do this blog thing. Just write they said. So I did. On June 4, 2015, this was my opening paragraph: This is the first of many, or so I hope.  I don’t know where this will go, so if you board … More Blog #700