1,000 blogs

One thousand blogs, in about five and a half years. I am a person of few words, I guess I glued them all together to publish so many blogs. I never dreamed of writing this much; early on, I nearly gave up. My mission statement for this blog was to take us on a ride. … More 1,000 blogs

Happy Anniversary

Five years ago, I signed up with WordPress for a free blog site. Today, they notified me of the anniversary. This is blog 827, which is my lucky number! Not really. Also today, coincidentally, I bought my own domain name. Early on, I thought about upgrading my plan, and figured a real domain number was … More Happy Anniversary

Blog #700

Where has the time gone? Just yesterday I was asking for advice on how do this blog thing. Just write they said. So I did. On June 4, 2015, this was my opening paragraph: This is the first of many, or so I hope.  I don’t know where this will go, so if you board … More Blog #700

Blog No. 500

It seems like I was at number 400 just a couple of months ago. Actually, I was. The last hundred were fast.  Every hundred or so blogs I take stock of where I am and where this train is headed. In four years, this blog has grown into a daily distraction, at least for me.  … More Blog No. 500

Ghost Town

Somewhere distantly traveled Memories worn and faint It’s like they are borrowed Little time left to repaint   Trails that disappear Lost into the mist Everybody gone away As if they don’t exist   An uncomfortable likeness The streets familiar but blank Forming a giant question mark To the mind it seems a prank   … More Ghost Town


Shortcut to wealth, fame, success, beauty. No time, no effort. Instant results. Take out the phone and type away. Order it, schedule it, join it, pay for it. Time is life, and there’s none of it to waste. Learn it fast, earn it fast. Cut to the head of the line. It’s okay, money and … More Shortcuts


In honor of Independence Day, let’s hear it for the American taxpayer. Taxes are a hot-button issue.  Our ancestors fought a war of independence, partly over being taxed without any say-so in the matter.  Taxes are fact of life, and a battleground of division over what is taxed and how much, and over the tax … More Taxpayer