Happy Anniversary

Five years ago, I signed up with WordPress for a free blog site. Today, they notified me of the anniversary. This is blog 827, which is my lucky number! Not really.

Also today, coincidentally, I bought my own domain name. Early on, I thought about upgrading my plan, and figured a real domain number was an important step. I wanted to make sure this blog thing was serious. With some hobbies, like learning the piano, I didn’t stick with it. Recently, some professional bloggers gave me shit for not having a real domain name. They also kicked sand in my face and stole my lunch money. WordPress is a tough place to hang out.

These landmarks of sorts push me to do better and set new goals. I need to sharpen my editing tools and be more insightful about the world around me. Now, if I can just hang onto my damn lunch money. This is just like junior high!


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