Volunteers (Jefferson Airplane)

The best album by the Airplane? For me, that’s easy.  Volunteers.  Their previous album, Crown of Creation was a good one, full of psychedelic rock.  Volunteers, the Airplane’s fifth album, was released in 1969, infused a folk flavor, and was controversial by intent.  Anti-war lyrics and pro-ecology, the album’s lyrics included “motherfucker” and “shit” so … More Volunteers (Jefferson Airplane)

Rain: it’s complicated

Rain, dramatic and downright moody Gently but firmly, tapping at my window Late at night, flexing thunderous muscle The rhythm rocks me with a steady tempo Drifting deep into suborbital slumber To wake in the misty refreshing morning Watery beads dreamily blanket my hair For the day, a crisp and playful forewarning Looking up to … More Rain: it’s complicated

Kaleidoscope World

Rainbow spray glistening in the sun-ray Dreams floating in cool vapor sensory A lingering gaze not made for today Ghostly fragile as an evaporative memory Amber eyes glowing, Technicolor smiles Intimate strangers light up the skyline Sharing a laugh closes infinite miles Forever friends as scarce as a goldmine Crystallized shapes dance in the lens … More Kaleidoscope World