More Greta

This is a follow up to my first Greta blog. Amazing how one teenage girl can scare so many middle aged men. She scares a lot of people, with her words and passion, and with her courage to stand up to the old world order. Greta turned 17 this month, and for more than a … More More Greta

An Earthly Rotation

Lying on green grass looking above As a boy I dreamed of sailing so high Wonderment unleashed by imagination Of adventures as big as the entire sky The gears scraping like tearing metal As it slows to a lazy, skipping crawl Billowy clouds float like soup crackers My plane climbs steeply before the stall At … More An Earthly Rotation


Greta Thunberg is 16 years old. She’s been in the news for more than a year.  Love her, or hate her, and many do, the young lady is driving the climate change narrative.  It amazes me how grown adults are taking potshots at her on social media and on FoxNews.  When you can’t debate facts, … More Greta

Volunteers (Jefferson Airplane)

The best album by the Airplane? For me, that’s easy.  Volunteers.  Their previous album, Crown of Creation was a good one, full of psychedelic rock.  Volunteers, the Airplane’s fifth album, was released in 1969, infused a folk flavor, and was controversial by intent.  Anti-war lyrics and pro-ecology, the album’s lyrics included “motherfucker” and “shit” so … More Volunteers (Jefferson Airplane)

Rain: it’s complicated

Rain, dramatic and downright moody Gently but firmly, tapping at my window Late at night, flexing thunderous muscle The rhythm rocks me with a steady tempo Drifting deep into suborbital slumber To wake in the misty refreshing morning Watery beads dreamily blanket my hair For the day, a crisp and playful forewarning Looking up to … More Rain: it’s complicated

Kaleidoscope World

Rainbow spray glistening in the sun-ray Dreams floating in cool vapor sensory A lingering gaze not made for today Ghostly fragile as an evaporative memory Amber eyes glowing, Technicolor smiles Intimate strangers light up the skyline Sharing a laugh closes infinite miles Forever friends as scarce as a goldmine Crystallized shapes dance in the lens … More Kaleidoscope World