The Forest and the Trees

If I offered you the forest

Would you focus on the trees

If you stuck your toe in paradise

Could you feel the ocean breeze


Squeezing tightly on the wheel

The clutch and gas in a hot romance

The rubber tread grips the road

As eight pulsating cylinders dance


Speeding away from what you love

You climb to the high ground

Looking down on all the mortals

Just us sinners all around


A single sapling reaching for the sky

Searching for a ray of sunlight

Dwarfed by the giants

Someday this pawn will be a knight


Part the chaff for the hidden diamond

Or find a pearl in one lucky shell

Of all the bouquets a single flower

The sweetest music just one bell


In a forest of repetitious trees

Can one be analogous yet still unique

At a distance, exact organic camouflage

Each leaf a fingerprint of mystique

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