Lady Bird Johnson

Lady Bird Johnson has a unique place in American history. We mostly know her as a First Lady, but also successful in business and she carved out her own legacy, apart from her husband, Lyndon Baines Johnson. Her given name was Claudia, but most everyone knew her as Lady Bird, the wife of LBJ. “I … More Lady Bird Johnson


Greta Thunberg is 16 years old. She’s been in the news for more than a year.  Love her, or hate her, and many do, the young lady is driving the climate change narrative.  It amazes me how grown adults are taking potshots at her on social media and on FoxNews.  When you can’t debate facts, … More Greta

Rain: it’s complicated

Rain, dramatic and downright moody Gently but firmly, tapping at my window Late at night, flexing thunderous muscle The rhythm rocks me with a steady tempo Drifting deep into suborbital slumber To wake in the misty refreshing morning Watery beads dreamily blanket my hair For the day, a crisp and playful forewarning Looking up to … More Rain: it’s complicated

A Change of Seasons

Life can mirror seasons. The ebb and flow of lives around events and the people in our orbit. Where seasons are somewhat predictable, life often changes roads without warning. Storms pop up with straight-line winds where a nice gentle breeze would have puffed up the opening flowers. As the years blend into one year indistinguishable … More A Change of Seasons

Life with Plastic

Where would we be without plastic? Look around. Virtually everything we use has plastic parts. In 1967, young Ben Braddock has just graduated from college and seemed at a loss for where to aim his future. At a party for him, a family friend cornered Ben and said one word to him. Plastics. That was … More Life with Plastic