Rain: it’s complicated

Rain, dramatic and downright moody
Gently but firmly, tapping at my window
Late at night, flexing thunderous muscle
The rhythm rocks me with a steady tempo

Drifting deep into suborbital slumber
To wake in the misty refreshing morning
Watery beads dreamily blanket my hair
For the day, a crisp and playful forewarning

Looking up to feel heaven’s watery eyes
Momentarily your reflection is in the sky
Dangerous emotions sprouting everywhere
Admitting I’m not such a granite tough-guy

The dampness leaves a trail with every step
The evidence dissolving with each droplet
Fogging my glasses and cleansing my soul
From a distance your eyes, a sparkling violet

Crashing, angry waves beating down
Nature reasserting who is boss
Her waters recede without a sound
Surveying the battlefield and loss

Storm past, raindrops charge the air
Though calm, a steamy rumble groan
Shedding the deluge, life bolts back
A resilient force against the unknown

A drizzle and a raging monsoon
A crack of lightning and bellow of thunder
The heart can distinguish the sounds
Nature’s passion is a generator of wonder

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