Walking on a Cloud

Her footsteps glide lightly overhead Rainbows are created from her smile The entire sky is her carriage He can’t help but dream of her awhile Behind the clouds she playfully hides A cool mist to greet the morning Surrounded by the dance of butterflies A beguiling smirk beams a warning He stands boldly in the … More Walking on a Cloud

Kaleidoscope World

Rainbow spray glistening in the sun-ray Dreams floating in cool vapor sensory A lingering gaze not made for today Ghostly fragile as an evaporative memory Amber eyes glowing, Technicolor smiles Intimate strangers light up the skyline Sharing a laugh closes infinite miles Forever friends as scarce as a goldmine Crystallized shapes dance in the lens … More Kaleidoscope World

Chase the Rainbow

Even late in life he chases the rainbows It’s not dollars or acclaim that fills his sail Passion is the hungry wind that blows The windmills turning circles in the sky   The kid runs through the spring rain With two feet splashing in all the puddles Water glistening as it fills the storm drain … More Chase the Rainbow