Kaleidoscope World

Rainbow spray glistening in the sun-ray
Dreams floating in cool vapor sensory
A lingering gaze not made for today
Ghostly fragile as an evaporative memory

Amber eyes glowing, Technicolor smiles
Intimate strangers light up the skyline
Sharing a laugh closes infinite miles
Forever friends as scarce as a goldmine

Crystallized shapes dance in the lens
Meditative energy sparkles in the light
Polarized images morphing into friends
Red turns blue, orange dissolves to white

Ambling in a swirling pool of midnight
Circling the moon on a beam of rope
Looking back at Earth, a helpless sight
Rivers are crying, running out of hope

The barons exploit the depleted life blood
Burning, mining, drilling, unmitigated looters
Tears raining down form a raging flood
Beaten back defenses capitulate to polluters

The reflections are real, just illusive
Floating beyond outstretched fingertips
The truth breathes, but forever reclusive
In daylight it vanishes behind the eclipse

It’s a scary world of shiny twirling objects
Temptations hidden in every stranger’s eyes
Death knocks at the door to pay respects
Ready, or is the reaper early, and doesn’t realize?

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