Outlier: The Dotted Line

My purpose seems undefined
An independent spirit at best
A rebelling loose threat at worst
I won’t ever fall in with the rest

Tell me why you get my time
You show up with a devil’s grin
And steal the breath from my lungs
I cannot tell if I lose or win

You can pitch a fiery lightning bolt
Make a rainbow magically appear
Turn a shower of tears into a smile
Then take away the cruelest fear

This connection that pulls at us
It tugs my heart then goes slack
Mirror, mirror show me the way
To find the needle in the haystack

The dotted line is a guide to the horizon
Not a fence or boundary line
Follow that gleam in your eye
You glow in the sunshine

I bit my lip then you did too
You can’t be close enough
Just a bit cozier please
I know you’ll call my bluff

Which of us is more frightened
One of us will not be deterred
Two bodies in the same orbit
Give me a sec, I have the password

I see you without being there
You may only partially exist
How are you part of each day
I believe, so I will take the risk

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