I don’t have to look for changes, they have been blitzkrieging me for almost two years. Change and I are not friends, we do not like each other. Not all men hate change, but I’m scratching my head trying to think of an example who does not. That’s a generalization of sorts, but I still … More Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

The Journey

There are many journeys in life. Some are short in duration, others last a lifetime, where you never reach the final destination. Can you be okay knowing you may never reach the end if you believe the journey bares fruit along the way? If your quest is spiritual or metaphysical, you may be primed for … More The Journey

The Longest Road

The longest road is between two important points in your life: not always the points of longest distance, rather the journey of most significance. Pick a time in your life, something you had to do, involving a major struggle, change or difficulty. Getting to the objective was harder than you imagined or were used to. … More The Longest Road

Raised on Radio (1986): Journey

Lovin’, Touchn’ Squeezin’.  Lyrical gold.  Journey is a popular band. Since they formed over 40 years ago, they’ve been through many lineup changes. Their breakthrough album was Infinity, the band’s fourth album, released in 1978.  This was the album when Steve Perry joined the band.  “Wheel in the Sky,” “Lights” and “Feelin’ That Way” were … More Raised on Radio (1986): Journey