The Longest Road

The longest road is between two important points in your life: not always the points of longest distance, rather the journey of most significance.

Pick a time in your life, something you had to do, involving a major struggle, change or difficulty. Getting to the objective was harder than you imagined or were used to. Resolve, sacrifices or simply having to make more than one attempt, made this a very hard journey.

Have you ever planned a vacation and plotted the journey using a map app? You look at the miles estimated and have a difficult time understanding why the arrival time is longer than imagined. Then, you look closer at the squiggly lines and see that you are zip-zagging on difficult terrain and actually increasing and decreasing altitude. You’ve traveled few miles as the crow flies, but crept along a mountain road, going slowly and watched for oncoming traffic.  Or, your journey was over local roads with restricted speeds or detours.

The difficulty of a journey or quest may have little to do with time or distance.  Rather, navigating uncertain terrain or making immovable objects, movable.

The longest road might be the journey to sobriety, battling a disease, rebuilding credit or repairing a relationship. In each of those, you feel every pebble in your shoe and every emotional bruise. Each day a storm, every wave crashing you against the rocky shore.

The longest road may be the one not taken, that you eventually take.  Once on this road, you creep along, unsure of the footing or those impediments that kept you from this course in the first place. Easy is not often better, it may be the expressway to certainty, predictability and deep ruts.  A new road begins before the first step; it starts with slaying the first doubt and forming an image in your mind of achieving your destination.

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