The Journey

There are many journeys in life. Some are short in duration, others last a lifetime, where you never reach the final destination.

Can you be okay knowing you may never reach the end if you believe the journey bares fruit along the way?

If your quest is spiritual or metaphysical, you may be primed for a slow, measured marathon of pursuit and discovery.  Lifelong learning can be such a journey.

I like to know where I am in relation to the journey.  I don’t always need to know if we are there, yet; but I like to know what progress I am making, if any.

Some journeys have different phases, you end one and move on to a new one.  They can be connected or not, or just aligned by time.  Journeys may be long or short, begin and stop, or be continuous.

What if you are on a journey and do not even know it and suddenly discover you are, what do you do then? That might be one of those “ah-ha” moments.

That sudden realization can throw you, leave you with a sense of wonderment or confusion. Now that you have that knowledge, do you alter your course? Is this fact even a positive thing? I think so. Usually we have a self awareness, like a compass, maybe not pointing the destination, but reminding us of our course.

There are lots of journeys. Overcoming an addiction or reclaiming health; self actualization or spiritual fulfillment; education or skill development; dealing with grief or emotional disappointment; resolving a professional loss or financial setback. A journey can be living a happier life or learning to appreciate what you have.

We often select and begin journeys, at least with the knowledge of where we want to go and what we want to achieve. However, events or fate may put us on a journey. We respond to what we realize, and can either embrace the journey or stop. If we learn that we have cancer, normally the response is to get treatment and fight the disease unless we are in a terminal condition. If we have started abusing drugs, the journey we have undertaken probably has dire consequences. We may have started slowly, unaware that use would become an addiction and lead to a downward spiral. Pulling out of that usually requires help and discipline.

Other journeys may start as a curiosity or a feeling, and grows into an interest that becomes important in our lives. Realizing that importance turns interest into a priority or commitment.

So, here’s my advice. Pack lightly, wear comfortable shoes and bring an open mind.

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