Everything goes away Fading inside the disappearing shade Of elusive memories made Moments from any average day Focused as an electron microscope Time will stamp your legacy While everything in view will flee Create a residuum of hope I wish I could remember Absent a name, just the face Once known, now no trace Gone … More Dusk

By Way of the Elm

Goodbye my old stalwart friend Nearly extinct by a tiny life force The mighty one unable to defend Strong and ripped like a race horse   On every American Main Street Tree houses and tire swings Every kid has climbed skyward Fanciful adventure rings   Many childhood days spent in the air Invisible in a … More By Way of the Elm

Handsome Harley

I only met Handsome Harley Race once, about a dozen years ago. He was in his 60s and running a wrestling school, and had just authored a book about his life.  I read about an event at a bookstor, so after work, I went to a small book signing where I was able to have … More Handsome Harley