Goon Squad

Morally bent
Socially stunted
Easily influenced
Weep when confronted

Alternative reality
Argument baiters
Glibly offended
Deniers and haters

Sore losers
Promoting a lie
Truth discarded
Factual shanghai

White culture bias
Allegiance is “me” not “we”
Doctrine over country
Insurrection ’tis of thee

Conjure a smokescreen
Loosen the wingnuts
Dispatch a battle cry
Their goose-stepping struts

Form a separate country
Restricted to loons
Who don’t respect laws
The Fascist States of Goons

2 thoughts on “Goon Squad

  1. Oh excuse me Mike !When you spoke of Goon Squad I thought you were taking about the Google preloaded Apps with a simple purchase of an Android phone !I’m very sorry ,my mistake!


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