Old Dog, New Tricks

Maybe not new tricks, but new attitudes.  Past a certain age, the wiring is certainly hardened, but something incredible happens.  The brain, if the soul is on-board, can find new paths. We spend a lifetime building our internal infrastructure, repairing and sometimes replacing it.  A lot like our road system.  Our attitudes and values mostly … More Old Dog, New Tricks


During the past two months, hair salons and barber shops have been closed. Only recently have they reopened, with restrictions. The subject today is hair length. When the flag was waved allowing the reopening of the hair cutting establishments, people could not wait to get in line. My stylist actually called me the week before … More Hair

Pluto Revisited

A dwarf, said some with glee Just a planetary wannabe Angering many a schoolchild The planetary vote, openly reviled Years of debate, finally a mission In 2006, there was rocket ignition Toward Pluto and everything beyond To study what creation spawned New Horizons didn’t need to land For scientific minds to understand Gathering knowledge from … More Pluto Revisited

Ken Russell: Filmmaker

I’ve heard director Ken Russell described as the British Federico Fellini. And when you look at their films, you see some truth in that. Excessive? Blurring the line between fantasy and reality? A bit perverse? Controlling? Controversial? Yes, both filmmakers. Russell tells a funny story of meeting Fellini once, in Rome scouting locations. According to … More Ken Russell: Filmmaker

Looking Back

Life isn’t always fair or uplifting. Sometimes it sucks. At some point in our lives we’ve been humbled, taken down a notch, or made to see the error of our ways. The act of humility is recognizing and accepting missteps, and understanding why we failed. No, it’s not always someone else’s fault. Sometimes we get exactly … More Looking Back

Try to Be 20

Unless you are 20 years old, it doesn’t work. It can’t work.  The banana can never be green again. Twenty is not a cultural touchstone.  It is the epicenter of only that universe.  Twenty is when kids are figuring it out.  Youthful appearance and attitude are cultural currency for that generation, but not tender as … More Try to Be 20

Management Feedback

As I was waiting for my Monterey Chicken sandwich in the deli eating area, I noticed the young woman who seems to run the place take a seat and another employee sat across from her.  I’m not a snoopy person, but I am observant, and the three of us were the ones in the joint.  … More Management Feedback


“Strong and barely controllable emotion.” That’s the Oxford dictionary definition. Passion is a rousing stimuli from deep inside, that tries to escape through your pores. It’s so strong you need to hold tightly and guide where it goes. Ride that tiger. Passion is a pole vault over challenges, hurdling obstacles, it is this strength of … More Passion