Good to Be a Senior

Getting old has some benefits. Retirement is a damn fine benefit if you happen to be healthy and had enough money to live comfortably. Let’s assume that you do. Forget about the aches and pains, at least for a moment.

My top 10 benefits of being a senior.

Senior Discounts. Sweet! Many businesses provide a discount so take it. Even better when they give it to you without asking.

Special Parking. It’s great when businesses reserve parking spots for seniors. I’m healthy enough to walk extra steps so mostly I do, but it feels good to occasionally use the benefit.

Anytime Naps. Tired? Pull over and turn off the motor. Actually, it’s better if you nap at home or plan your stops, but I get it. Napping at work was a pain.

You Are Your Own Boss (with the permission of a significant other). There are limits, but you can do what you want. It’s great to plan your day, decide what you want to do and change direction if you feel like it. The one thing I miss about a job is the structure, so I make my own. Volunteer, do your hobbies, travel, tend your garden, play with the grandkids, it’s up to you.

Who Needs a Calendar? Unless you have a lot of appointments or make a lot of plans, who cares what day it is?

Eat When You Damn Well Please. Early bird, who cares? You eat when you are hungry.

People Think You Are Old (when in reality, you are a teenager at heart). Being old is a perfect disguise. Don’t give up thinking young, being creative, open to new challenges and being who you want to be.

You Don’t Have to Ask For Permission. Just do it, like the commercial. What’s the worst that can happen? What’s the best that can happen, that should be your motivation.

Time Means More. You are definitely on the downhill side of life, don’t waste it. The grim reaper does not usually call ahead. Illness can strike at any time. People who are special to you can disappear in a heartbeat. Make your time count.

Love is Sweeter. Self-explanatory.

Bonus: You Can Curse Freely. Do you care about offending others? Fuck no. Okay, you might get kicked out of the grocery store, but you can shop elsewhere. You have earned the right to be as obnoxious as you please. A bad example for kids? That’s what being a grandparent is about. Fucking-A!

One thought on “Good to Be a Senior

  1. My language at Home Depot, Lowes and the grocery store is quite colorful. I knew a guy that worked at the orange store for a while. He said the main qualification to getting hired is to not know shit about anything about home repair. That’s what sets me off. Same at the grocer.

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