Cashing In

Now that I’m retired, I have started looking around for ways to earn some extra money. Although with my pension there are a few restrictions, but no limitations for good taste, greed or morality. That gives me a lot of options! I thought about getting into the product endorsement game. Maybe being a hand model … More Cashing In

News of My Retirement Is Almost Not True: Sir Michael Caine

Recently, reports attributed to Sir Michael Caine indicated that he had performed his last acting role in 2021’s Best Sellers. Not so fast, Caine now says. The problem he said is the lack of decent parts for a man in his 80s. Acknowledging some health issues, parts are harder to come by. Fellow actors Gene … More News of My Retirement Is Almost Not True: Sir Michael Caine

Working Class Hero

Labor Day was just a few weeks ago. Most of us enjoy the holiday without a deep sense of what the day is about.  We also enjoy other employment-related benefits that cost some folks their very lives. There are many arguments people have against labor unions. Unions are bad. Unions are corrupt.  Unions protect bad … More Working Class Hero

Walking Away

Recently, three employees at the organization I work for, decided to retire.  These were each long-time employees, and each had a different approach to their departure. Deciding when to leave a job is a very personal matter.  Some leave for better opportunities, some reach the end of their work careers, some have health issues, and … More Walking Away