Retirement: 60 Days In

Retirement is a whole ‘nother universe. Roughly two months in, it feels I’ve undertaken a journey with no idea where I am headed. That is not an awful thing, just not how I envision this part of my life.

My decision to retire was made during a tumultuous year, where the landscape changed around me. The opportunity came to eject, so I took it.

People peppered me with questions about my plans. At the start of winter during a pandemic, my plans were to have no immediate plans. Yes, I said I would eventually travel, spend time with family, pursue my hobbies, maybe get a part time job, blah blah blah. I did not have my life planned out. I just wanted to take some time and get my life together. Aside from finding a wonderful person, 2021 was a shit storm, worse than 2020.

Yet, I got my act together, with the help of some great people. I took control of my life. The last time I was in this position was 30 years ago. I am certainly older, but wiser?

Thankfully, many friends and family have taken the retirement plunge ahead of me, so I knew that eventually I would surface and bob like a cork in the water.

One thing I’ve found is there is not enough time to not do all the things I’m putting off till the next millennium. Not enough time in the day to get nothing much accomplished. It’s exhausting.

I know this is a phase I will grow out of when spring arrives. I plan on feeling the grass between my toes and continuing to let my freak flag fly. It’s a great plan.

My fellow blogger Pete hiked the Appalachian Trail as a recent retiree. Other retiree friends traveled with their significant others, others are raising grandkids, going to casinos, buying lake houses, taking up golf, playing in a rock band or getting a knee replacement.

This blog is mostly tongue in cheek. I am enjoying the quiet time and not living on a schedule. Life is short, especially now, so I look forward to breaking out of this pandemic bubble and writing my name in the wet, beach sand.

So, here’s what I’ve accomplished:

  • Started downsizing my stuff
  • Get some daily exercise
  • Kept up with blogging
  • Have started volunteering
  • Begun planning some short trips
  • Enrolled in a short film class
  • Joined some discussion groups
  • Confronted some old demons
  • Fell in love

4 thoughts on “Retirement: 60 Days In

  1. Mike, I retired on December 31 and when I was reading your comments, I thought that you were writing my story. I live in upper Illinois, so getting outside for a walk is even impossible most days. I have limited income and so my dreams and ambitions seem to be small. I’m trying to think of a short Midwest vacation for my wife and I. Thanks for your story, I’m not a good writer, but I’ll follow you and throw in my experience as we go.


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