Pluto Revisited

A dwarf, said some with glee Just a planetary wannabe Angering many a schoolchild The planetary vote, openly reviled Years of debate, finally a mission In 2006, there was rocket ignition Toward Pluto and everything beyond To study what creation spawned New Horizons didn’t need to land For scientific minds to understand Gathering knowledge from … More Pluto Revisited

Star HR 3089

Perhaps the most luminous The one that is most beguiling Bending the other sunbeams Discretely, forever smiling   Not concerned to be showy and brash Just piercing through the evening skies Some orbs are just fiery decorations Others keep us safe from a capsize   Searching the mighty horizon A billion specs of mystery They … More Star HR 3089

The Dish (2000)

What a heartfelt and funny film. The story of a remote satellite dish (radio telescope) in Australia that plays an important role in relaying transmissions of the Apollo 11 moon landing. I have to say, this is one of my favorite films. It is charming, has great characters and incredible warmth. You want a film … More The Dish (2000)

An Earthly Rotation

Lying on green grass looking above As a boy I dreamed of sailing so high Wonderment unleashed by imagination Of adventures as big as the entire sky The gears scraping like tearing metal As it slows to a lazy, skipping crawl Billowy clouds float like soup crackers My plane climbs steeply before the stall At … More An Earthly Rotation

Ad Astra (review)

Apocalypse Now in outer space. Without the Playboy Bunnies.  The end.  Seriously, that’s the film’s narrative.  Read on. Ad Astra is a dazzling film, but not overwhelmingly so. Films that take place in outer space tend to be eye candy, especially films meant to be huge budget releases. Ad Astra isn’t 2001: A Space Odyssey or … More Ad Astra (review)