Richard Dreyfuss and Danny DeVito: 1980s Films

Richard Dreyfuss and Danny DeVito only made one film together, Tin Men. It came in 1987, during the decade when both men were hot. Their careers are quite different, although their careers are quite long, and both play equally well in drama and comedy. Dreyfuss had enjoyed two decades as a leading man before settling … More Richard Dreyfuss and Danny DeVito: 1980s Films

Athletes Who Became Actors + Joe Namath

Instead of acting classes and schools, wannabe actors have transitioned from the world of athletics. Buster Crabbe (Olympic swimmer) Johnny Weissmuller (Olympic swimmer), Sonja Henie (Olympic skater), Woody Strode (football, martial arts) and Esther Williams (swimming) come to mind from Hollywood’s Golden Era. Catch them on the late show. Then came Chuck Connors (baseball, basketball), … More Athletes Who Became Actors + Joe Namath

CSI, the Original and the Reboot (My Review)

Nothing is truly gone. After 15 seasons and 337 episodes, multiple awards and cast changes, and three spinoff series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is back as CSI: Vegas. What’s old is new again. I watched the original for about first five seasons. The science and great visual look was exciting and pulled the viewer into … More CSI, the Original and the Reboot (My Review)

Test Pattern Girl

Maybe it’s me, or perhaps it’s she Through the snow and interference Every night at the stoke of one Her ghostly image makes an appearance — She has a lonesome, disembodied tone Climbing down from my dream The sand still coating my blurry eyes At six she disappears back into the stream — She arrives … More Test Pattern Girl

Songwriters: 1960s

Until Buddy Holly and then The Beach Boys, Beatles, Chuck Berry and Bob Dylan, performers were less likely to write their own material. Songwriting was lucrative, but in those days, publishers and producers generally got the lion’s share of the profits as artists tended to lose control of their songs through poor publishing and management … More Songwriters: 1960s