Ellen Burstyn

This award-winning actor has lived quite an interesting life. Now in her 88th year, she is still a working actor. If you are old enough to remember the early 1970s, Burstyn was an A list actress. In the 1950s and 1960s, she guested on many television shows, had a role on a soap, a featured … More Ellen Burstyn

Stephen King Films

I’m not a reader of Stephen King novels, I have never read one. I do selectively watch his films.  While I’ve never watched all of his television and film adaptations, but I do have some favorites. In the hands of the right director, King’s material can translate well to the visual medium. There have been … More Stephen King Films

Christopher Walken – Ten Performances (and more cowbell)

I saw actor Christopher Walken being interviewed by Conan O’Brien recently. I have never written about Walken, so let’s correct that. Walken is one of those people that identified with such a unique persona, that he is often imitated or he appears in a lot of memes.  He has that intense, sullen, almost ghostly look.  … More Christopher Walken – Ten Performances (and more cowbell)

Paul Williams: Yes, he’s still alive

Singer/songwriter Paul Williams is probably more known for his acting career. Recently, a documentary was made about him, Paul Williams Still Alive, because many people assumed he has passed away. Paul Williams is 80 years old and still entertaining, in addition to being the president of ASCAP, which oversees the payment of royalties for songwriters. … More Paul Williams: Yes, he’s still alive