Conan and Tom Snyder

Two late night interview show hosts of different generations. Both of the Johnny Carson linage. Tom Snyder covered a lot of bases: radio personality, news anchor, late night interview. By the time he accepted the invitation to follow Johnny Carson at midnight, Snyder had carved out a long news career. Ha anchored news shows in … More Conan and Tom Snyder

Thurston Howell III

Jim Backus played the egotistical, but lovable millionaire Thurston Howell III on Gilligan’s Island.  Howell made his money the old fashioned way, he inherited it from dear old dad.  Backus, who also voiced Mister Magoo, played Howell as loud, but insecure and convinced that money was the only universal language.  Howell and his wife Lovey, … More Thurston Howell III

Black Sheep Squadron

Black Sheep Squadron had a great pedigree – a hot producer, major star, exciting historical premise and great young cast. The series still struggled for two seasons to find an audience before disappearing into television history.  Very loosely based on the story of squadron leader Greg “Pappy” Boyington, Black Sheep Squadron starred Robert Conrad, a … More Black Sheep Squadron


You learn a lot about living from stories where lives are on the line. Combat! was a weekly television series about a platoon in World War II. Not exactly kid viewing, but I watched the show every week. Yes, it was a show about war and there was killing, but it focused on the characters … More Combat!

Dragnet (1967-1970)

Jack Webb rebooted his television series in the late 1960s to a new audience. Dragnet the radio series and later 1950s television series were well-known, particularly Webb’s Joe Friday and his just the facts, world weary persona. My blog on Webb’s Adam-12 (click on the Adam-12 to read) series also digs into Dragnet. Those two … More Dragnet (1967-1970)

Howard Morris

What do Ernest T. Bass and Mayor McCheese have in common? They were both played by by actor Howard Morris. Ernest T. Bass only appeared in five episodes of the Andy Griffith Show as the character. That’s right, only five episodes. He directed more episodes (eight) of the show than he appeared as Bass. Ernest … More Howard Morris