One Million Steps: A Marine Platoon At War

Bing West was recently profiled on CBS Sunday Morning. The author of a series of books on Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, West is a Marine combat veteran and later served in the Defense Department. He was imbedded with troops in various war zones, including Afghanistan, which is the backdrop for One Million Steps. The opposite … More One Million Steps: A Marine Platoon At War

Volunteers (Jefferson Airplane)

The best album by the Airplane? For me, that’s easy.  Volunteers.  Their previous album, Crown of Creation was a good one, full of psychedelic rock.  Volunteers, the Airplane’s fifth album, was released in 1969, infused a folk flavor, and was controversial by intent.  Anti-war lyrics and pro-ecology, the album’s lyrics included “motherfucker” and “shit” so … More Volunteers (Jefferson Airplane)

In Country (1989)

Referred to as a “coming of age” film, it is really a “coming to grips” film. In Country is the story of how the Vietnam War tore a hole in a community and several generations of a family. Directed with sensitivity and a gentle hand, Norman Jewison’s film is a journey of healing and moving … More In Country (1989)

Not Alone

More than once we hear that someone has died alone. The awfulness of that is chilling to the bone. A news report brought this to my attention, a Vietnam Veteran with no family and few friends, left this life with no one noticing, no one to care. According to the story, 77-year-old Peter Turnpu, of … More Not Alone

Jane Fonda

Love her or hate hate. There are people on both ends. She is an academy award winning actress and fitness trailblazer, and also Hanoi Jane. Fonda will never live down her trip to Hanoi in 1972, where she posed with an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down American planes. She also made media statements critical … More Jane Fonda

Vietnam Veterans Day

March 29, 2018 was a day like any other day, except for the men and women who served our country in Vietnam.  There were an estimated 7,500 women who served there in various capacities (eight dead, one killed in action). President Obama first asked America to honor Vietnam veterans in 2012, and it became an … More Vietnam Veterans Day

Our Vietnam

The legacy of the Vietnam War belongs to all of us. I dare anyone to watch the Ken Burns and Lyn Novick documentary series and not feel the frustration, terror and sadness of that war. It is estimated that more than 3 million Americans served in Vietnam, of which 58,220 were killed, 1626 missing in … More Our Vietnam