After the Rain

The cooling rain charges the air Electrifying the fine mist Smoldering clouds boil away Mother Nature’s emboldened kiss — The hammer strikes the heavens My skin is chilly and alive The anger and fury of nature If vengeful, we shouldn’t survive — But we do, perhaps undeserving Birds resume their vocalisation The ground is recharged … More After the Rain

Bite Me

No, don’t. Just the very thought of a shark encounter is terrifying. I have friends that are scuba divers and surfers, who explore waters around the world. I say, no thank you. Sharks and other creatures can have the oceans. Parasailing or kayaking, nope. The only way I’d consider going out in the water would … More Bite Me

A Ripple

Standing on the edge of forever Looking into the face of eternity Over the roar of emotional thunder Comes a wave of hopeful serenity Cast a thought, watch it fall Engulfed in total darkness Thoughts are invisible to the eye Alone in life’s consuming starkness Like a single floating snowflake from heaven Stillness, not a … More A Ripple

Rain: it’s complicated

Rain, dramatic and downright moody Gently but firmly, tapping at my window Late at night, flexing thunderous muscle The rhythm rocks me with a steady tempo Drifting deep into suborbital slumber To wake in the misty refreshing morning Watery beads dreamily blanket my hair For the day, a crisp and playful forewarning Looking up to … More Rain: it’s complicated

Thunder in the Sky

A mighty crash, the sky pulses bright The fist of God, in case you forgot The heavens exploded and tears flow Scaring all creatures within earshot   Gripping mightily nature’s thunderbolt Eyes locking firmly onto the opposition Equally matched, stepping into the breach Strategy aside, summoning the magician   Stand down and turn loose of … More Thunder in the Sky

A Change of Seasons

Life can mirror seasons. The ebb and flow of lives around events and the people in our orbit. Where seasons are somewhat predictable, life often changes roads without warning. Storms pop up with straight-line winds where a nice gentle breeze would have puffed up the opening flowers. As the years blend into one year indistinguishable … More A Change of Seasons