Thunder in the Sky

A mighty crash, the sky pulses bright

The fist of God, in case you forgot

The heavens exploded and tears flow

Scaring all creatures within earshot


Gripping mightily nature’s thunderbolt

Eyes locking firmly onto the opposition

Equally matched, stepping into the breach

Strategy aside, summoning the magician


Stand down and turn loose of that lie

Shouting it repeatedly with spite and vigor

Does not imbibe it with any more reality

The gap between untruth and fact is bigger


Rain beats down and washes away filth

Treasonous assaults remain operational

In the heart of our beliefs strength prevails

Truth attracts truth, naturally gravitational


Cracks in the foundation crystallize under battle

On the front lines are the devoted and firm

Who bleed inspiration weathering the turmoil

Seeing opportunity, doubling down, refusing to squirm


When will the clouds swell with joy

Winds soft and caressing the sailor

Powering the voyage of the seeker

Maker of dreams, the cosmic tailor






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