After the Rain

The cooling rain charges the air Electrifying the fine mist Smoldering clouds boil away Mother Nature’s emboldened kiss — The hammer strikes the heavens My skin is chilly and alive The anger and fury of nature If vengeful, we shouldn’t survive — But we do, perhaps undeserving Birds resume their vocalisation The ground is recharged … More After the Rain

Your Moment

Every moment belongs to you To soar or to disappear from view Each grain of sand is your time Every step an opportunity to climb The clock hands travel in a loop Singular, not part of any group Time etches memories on your face No other matter could fill your space The star in your … More Your Moment

Falling Up

Word balloons drift from my lips Thoughts scrambled like secret code Restraining this odd feeling Emotions desperate to explode Instead of toppling to the ground I am lifted by loving hands Relearning to reveal myself Vulnerable to life’s new plans Miles of hard road lay behind This face not recognizable in the mirror A journey … More Falling Up

What Can I Say?

A million English language words A vast opportunity of expression Each a snowflake of meaning Paintbrushes of inner confession What can I say, without the wordplay? Hand me the script for this occasion Many answers and witty remarks My problem will not fit this equation Standing here, no excuse in hand That empty facial look … More What Can I Say?

The Touch of Beauty

Most fingers feel and probe, bringing home knowledge From your fingers, art streams forth into our senses The mind paints pastels, songs and beauty from nature Your imagination carries beauty over hills and fences   Passing thru your picture frame is a blushing sun You can’t hide, make-believe can peer thru any disguise Only thru … More The Touch of Beauty

A Change of Seasons

Life can mirror seasons. The ebb and flow of lives around events and the people in our orbit. Where seasons are somewhat predictable, life often changes roads without warning. Storms pop up with straight-line winds where a nice gentle breeze would have puffed up the opening flowers. As the years blend into one year indistinguishable … More A Change of Seasons