The Touch of Beauty

Most fingers feel and probe, bringing home knowledge

From your fingers, art streams forth into our senses

The mind paints pastels, songs and beauty from nature

Your imagination carries beauty over hills and fences


Passing thru your picture frame is a blushing sun

You can’t hide, make-believe can peer thru any disguise

Only thru your inquiring lens is nature outdone

Just as morning illuminates the subject’s shining eyes


Your words awaken with each winsome verse

Charming glimpses of what a nurturing life creates

From your soul untied passion dances forth

Echoing through any audience your voice captivates


Majestic flowers each bursting with vivid color

The precociousness of petals, greenery, and floral leaves

The mix of fragrance caressing the senses

The sweetest explosion of lust the nose receives


Tulips marvel at the brilliance of your eyes

A rose is defensive of your nobility and guile

Sunflowers defiantly claim to have more radiance

A sensitive daisy weeps at your maternal smile


Music flows from your hands to every ear

From your eye to your fingers through your heart

Kissing each note sung in a chorus of life

Reflected in each expression of your art

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