Cannery Row (1982)

What could go wrong with material from novelist John Steinbeck, hot movie star Nick Nolte and writer/director David S. Ward? Quite a bit actually. Adapting quirky American fiction for the screen is not easy. Steinbeck is one of America’s classic writers, but rarely the stuff for studios looking for a popcorn film for mass audiences. … More Cannery Row (1982)

The Deep (1977)

The Deep arrived two years after Jaws. It was Peter Bentley’s next book, and ripe for another ocean thriller.  The Deep was naturally met with great anticipation.  It ended up making money, not Jaws-type money, but a hefty profit. The critics however mostly dismissed the film. Living up to a giant shark isn’t easy. I … More The Deep (1977)

A Walk in the Woods

Based on the biographical book by Bill Bryson, it was purchased by Robert Redford in hopes that he and Newman would star in a film adaption.  Over the next decade the film passed through many writers and directors before emerging in 2015 as a Redford-Nick Nolte pairing. The story involves the real-life Bryson and his … More A Walk in the Woods

Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte has lived quite a life.  He’s made a lot of pictures but the one many fans remember was his DUI photo of a few years ago.  It wasn’t flattering.  In his new autobiography he addresses it along with many other aspects of his very colorful life. Nolte is also an enigma.  His star shown … More Nick Nolte