A Letter to You

You know who you are You twinkle more than the brightest star I’m smitten, I’m all thumbs Love me long after the morning comes Sail away as my soulmate Leaving soon, don’t be late

The Translucent Man

Imagine a man, mostly Who I really don’t know Quiet as the emerging sunrise Disappearing into his shadow — Confession is difficult I promise not to flee Windows guard my soul Yet your eyes penetrate me — Virtually naked before you Not so many secrets Few dark tales Just a smattering of regrets — That … More The Translucent Man

When You Read My Mind

Surely, in another lifetimeThese hearts still rhyme You always read my mindTwo souls, the same kind Something you want to know?Transparency, see the showMy thoughts are an inviteStep inside the heart light Half past our idyllic embraceShyness gone without a traceYou know what I’m feelingYou and me, there’s no ceiling I can’t deny this head … More When You Read My Mind

How Can I Be Sure?

There’s a question, circling inside Is this fleeting or a pivotal event? ‘What if’s’ pop like thought-balloons Perplexing, for this eager gent — Lean in, let the sun kiss all this splendor ‘Tis a dream, reality is never so warm I’m spooked, my defenses are down Swallowed whole, consumed by the storm — Life is … More How Can I Be Sure?

Cyrano (2021)

A great love story. Of three people. A pleasant surprise. Cyrano is not perfect, yet it is a very enjoyable film. This film got lost in the mainstream release of films last year. Cyrano is not an over the top production, yet it has spectacular production values – this was a film with a grand … More Cyrano (2021)

Exchanging Hearts

If I offered, I did so willingly Beating insanely, this heart left my chest Growing, wrapping around you Gripping, an emotional stress test — Love is the sweetest spring aroma Exploding like wildflowers along a country road Sweetness overpowers my senses Writing its own emotional source code — Beauty fills my watering eyes Will you … More Exchanging Hearts