How Can I Be Sure?

There’s a question, circling inside

Is this fleeting or a pivotal event?

‘What if’s’ pop like thought-balloons

Perplexing, for this eager gent

Lean in, let the sun kiss all this splendor

‘Tis a dream, reality is never so warm

I’m spooked, my defenses are down

Swallowed whole, consumed by the storm

Life is lived in odd-shaped pieces

Searching to commerge with another

Waiting, just inside the fog

Spoken as my own big-brother

Truth falls Earthbound like rain

A mighty torrent or a token spit

As plain as droplets on your face

Facts used as feelings, are an ill-fit

Pulling the thread of desire

Undresses the cloak of fear

Layers of excuses vanish

In your heart it is clear

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