If You Asked

If you asked, wondering what this is You are the music flowing thru my mind From morning sunshine to late night starbursts Every enchanting moment I’d like to rewind Waking up quietly alone in thought Wanting to feel your warmth in my embrace From here forward, my life is very short Seize each day or … More If You Asked


  Doubt is a hazy streetlight Blinding the show in the night sky Love is the invisible radar Painting pictures in the mind’s eye A few certain things A red ball of morning fire Kids and animal love Long held secret desire Lost objects are found Faith embraces from the start Wishes find their home … More Doubt

Double Stars

I never sought to be a star There’s only room in the heavens for one That would be you I’m more a mellow, evening sun The sky is the limit, but it’s not Kids are fooled with a passing satellite But I know what is reflection And what fills my eyes with your starlight Not … More Double Stars

Star HR 3089

Perhaps the most luminous The one that is most beguiling Bending the other sunbeams Discretely, forever smiling   Not concerned to be showy and brash Just piercing through the evening skies Some orbs are just fiery decorations Others keep us safe from a capsize   Searching the mighty horizon A billion specs of mystery They … More Star HR 3089

October Sunset

A little more each day Time is disappearing As warm colors heat up October is endearing   The night is welcoming Distant stars arriving soon I will save you a seat As we wait for the moon   The light is more reflective My candle stills burns bright Humble from many missteps I don’t worry … More October Sunset