Star HR 3089

Perhaps the most luminous

The one that is most beguiling

Bending the other sunbeams

Discretely, forever smiling


Not concerned to be showy and brash

Just piercing through the evening skies

Some orbs are just fiery decorations

Others keep us safe from a capsize


Searching the mighty horizon

A billion specs of mystery

They named her HR 3049

Her light unlocks the overhead sea


Even in a sky of endless gray

Just a twinkle like sparkling wine

As the Earth turns she slowly dances

A beacon guarding the coastline


Step up and greet her nightly entrance

Aglitter with joy as the sleepy dawn advances

A starfield of fireflies on their endless journey

Creating trails as a tiny celestial light dances


What makes this luminary body monumental?

Like a winning entry in the grand sweepstakes

Outshining a universe of impostors

Of more than a 100 billion glittering snowflakes

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