When the Stars Find You

On any night, an encounter is possible

Even when blanketing storms blow

Star light is beguiling and magical

A shimmering color-blind rainbow


Anywhere, you will be found

Even as God’s tears rain down

Washing away foolish errors

Stand there even if you drown


Light from millions of years past

Is giving you an intimate show

You did not always exist

But life does in this stellar glow


A knock heard from light years past

Pitch dark ghostly, no one there

Not a friend just an acquaintance

Arriving soberly with little fanfare


Alone in this aloof universe

A fidgety soul, boundless searcher

The light connects and awakens

The primordial spirit will nurture


Temptation to overdo pleasing things

If some is good, more must be ideal

If I held your hand to my chest

I’ll pretend like it’s no big deal.


Believe the stars

Ride the mystery

Unchain your passion

Write your history

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